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Grove Avocado Oil  

The Grove Avocado oil is produced by a passionate group of orchardists, who harness the benefits of the world's finest oil-producing avocados grown in the unique microclimate of the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Similar to the production of fine wines, soil and climatic conditions play an important role in developing the unique blend of flavour and aroma in extra virgin oils. Avocados are a tropical fruit and the lower temperatures in which New Zealand avocados are grown result in a slower maturing fruit with a specific profile of fatty acids, which contributes to the unique composition of our avocado oil.

With a unique world-class production process, it can be ensured that the oil from these avocados reaches you in its purest and most nutritionally beneficial form.

Avocados are sourced locally and sun-ripened to perfection, before the skin and stones are removed. The avocado flesh is then delicately cold-pressed in a single extra virgin process. The resulting delectable green oil is then poured into dark bottles designed to preserve the oil’s freshness and flavour, before it reaches your home.

Over the years, the science of processing technology have been combined with the art of craftsmanship to perfect the creation of what is known today as one of the world’s premium culinary oils.

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