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Smileygrowth Infant Formula

All of Smileygrowth products are produced in New Zealand with 100% New Zealand milk powder. NO production takes place in China. With high standards and unwavering adherence to quality set by the New Zealand dairy industry, China is the biggest market for New Zealand dairy products by value.

In completely adhering to New Zealand's strict food and safety standards, Smileygrowth™ offers a full range of quality infant formula suitable for the newly-born up to 36 months old. Being full of natural nutrients, Smileygrowth™ milk is indispensable for healthy growth and development of babies.

Smileygrowth™ offers a significant source of nutrients such as nucleotides, FOS, GOS, vitamins and minerals. Smileygrowth™ is specifically created for new-born babies and for infants up to 3 years old. For more information, Click Here